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Stonehenge Ibiza

What’s the Stonehenge from Ibiza?

It’s an artwork in the open air. And when you are a real ibiza lover you have to see this!

The name of this work of art is “ Time and Space” and it’s designed in 2014 by the Australian artist “ Andrew Rogers’, commissioned by Guy Laliberté, the founder of Cirque de Soleil, who lives here as well.

Magical Solar Watch

The artwork contains 13 Basalt columns and all together it’s like a solar watch.

It’s a magic spot! The tallest one is about 20 meters high and is topped with gold leaf, so that the sunlight will be reflected.

Overhere you will feel the Ibiza Vibes! And also from here you have a nice view at Es Vedra, so when you go around sunset you can shoot beautiful pictures from this place of the whole area. We went at daytime but I can tell you that’s just as magic and beautiful.


How to get there?

It’s not hard to find; when you drive in direction of Cala Compte, you will see road to the left with a stone with the name “ Can Soleil”. Drive into this road and follow it until you reach a branch, there are a couple of houses here, drive straight on and park right after them. Then walk the rest of the road until you come at some open space, and you will see the Stonehenge at your right handside.

A little bit further when you walk around the Stonehenge you will find another hotspot from Ibiza, the Puertas Can Soleil.

Enjoy and feel the vibes!