Ibiza beaches

North side of the island;


A lovely bay with a nice view at sea and at night a beautiful sunset. The environment on the road to this lovely beach is already very beautiful. There are sunbeds. On Sunday’s it’s extra busy around here because of the sunset ritual; the hippy’s drum while the sun goes down, and people are dancing and singing, it’s a real happening. Kind of a goose bump moment. Lovely to join, but you have to know it’s crowded.

There are two restaurants at this beach, and one of them is on my favorite list; Elements.
You can start your day here with a nice coffee, and have a good lunch later on. But you can also take dinner here, very nice after the beautiful sunset to make your day perfect and complete. Don’t forget to reserve a table! You are not the only one. At the restaurant you can also find a very nice shop and on Sunday’s there is a small hippy market on the side of the beach.

Es Portitxol

Last year we’ve tried to get here, but we had very warm temperatures so that halfway we decided to go back. It seems to be a walk down the hill from 30 minutes from where you can park the car, and that’s on top of the hill. Remember walking down goes easier than walking up. But I can tell you with 30 degrees it’s heavy, so bring bottles of water. We gave up but it seems to beautiful.

Port de Sant Miquel

A beautiful bay, although it’s a bit touristic for me. On the side you will find some restaurants where you can joy the lovely view at the sea while having lunch for example. It’s surrounded by forest which is beautiful and it’s located between cliffs, really beautiful. And now I will tell you a secret. Behind the restaurants i was talking about there’s a little road ( only by foot )up the hill. Up here you can make beautiful pictures from the view, but if you walk a bit further than you will reach the most cute little bay ever, with a very cute little beachhouse called ” Utopia”. They have sunbeds and even two luxery two person sunbeds. And a very nice terrace, you have to take a break there and get a drink ( or lunch) to enjoy this cute bay and surroundings and the lovely view. Enjoy!

Cala de Sant Vincent

A lovely bay with an even more lovely view over the aquamarine colored sea. It almost looks like your at the Maldives, such a beautiful color of the sea over here. But I can ensure you, you will find this color of the sea at more sides from Ibiza. You don’t have to fly many hours to enjoy this tropical color of the water. It’s right here at Ibiza.

The beach has a lot of space although it’s not that big. I think it’s a very cosy beach. There are sunbeds and parasols and you can find different restaurants on the side. There’s two Beachclubs , one of them is called the Boathouse. For sure you will have a very nice beach day over here. Enjoy!

Cala Xarraca

It’s a small and quiet beach with a lovely view. Because here as well you can enjoy the beautiful tropic aquamarine colors of the sea. It’s been a while since I’ve been here and I can’t remember if there are sunbeds here. There is a restaurant ‘ Cala Xarraca’ and you can eat good fish here. It’s no luxery, but real Spanish and that’s the charm of it.

On the east side;

Cala Boix

A nice beach with cliffs and the sand is darker colored than at the other beaches. There’s a beachclub as well. You can have a lovely day here. By going down the stairs you will come on the beach, but for lunch I can recommend you the fish restaurant upstairs called La Noria. You have a nice view on the bay enjoying your lunch over there. The environment is Spanish and we took the fish in salt. And I can tell you it was very good!

Cala Mastella

A idyllic bay with the boathouses from the fisherman. Over here you will find a old family restaurant called ” El Bigote” where you can only eat what they make on that day. When we were there it was closed unfortunately. The road that leads to it is going to a lovely forest environment and it’s beautiful.

Cala Llenya

A lovely beach with a environment of forrest. You can lay down under the shade of a tree, and there are sunbeds. There’s a little kiosk on the beach where you can get something to eat or you can sit down at their little terrace in the sand. You will be able to have a lovely day here, also for children it’s a very nice beach.

Cala Nova

At this bay you will find Atzaro Beachclub and Aiyanna, but also some more Chiringuitto’s. You have a lovely view over the mediterranean sea here, and I can tell you Aiyanna belongs to my favorites over here. Just enjoy the view and dream away a bit…It’s near Es Canar where you will find the hippy market ” Punta Arabi” on Wednesdays so maybe you’d like to combine it. It’s an easy walk from one to another.

Cala Llonga

A big and deep beach with Chiringuitto’s and restaurants on the side. It’s located close to the town. If you love it this is a lovely beach also for families. You’re able to do a lot here, like water sports and things like that. Personally I like more the silent or small beaches without the town directly on the site. But I can imagine people love this beach.

Platja Estayol en Es Niu Blau

A very nice bay with on both sides a restaurant. Pure Vida Beachclub on one side and Restaurant Niu Blau on the other side. Pure Vida is regularly booked for weddings and parties, very nice to see when your at the beach and at the end of the day you’ll see all wedding quests arriving with the bride and groom. Very often they will do a photo session on the beach and the ceremony as well takes place at the beach.

Cala Pada

Cala Pada is located between Santa Eularia and Es Canar. You will find different restaurants here, shops and little bars. You can feel the hippy atmosphere here. The hippy vibes. You are able to walk besides the coast to the next beach called Cala Martina. I would recommend to do that. You are walking under the trees on yellow/ terracotta colored sand next to the beautiful coastline between those two beaches and you will enjoy a lovely view over different bays and the beautiful colored sea. It looks so beautiful because of the contrast between the yellow/terracotta in front of the blue sea. If you walk further you will cross beachclub Seasoul and a bit further on you will find the well known Nikkies Beachclub next to the ME hotel.


Close to Eivissa you will find Talamanca. It’s located on walking distance from Ibiza Town. It takes a 25 minute walk from the beach to the old town ( Dalt Vila ), and with 15 minutes you are already in the modern city center. It’s a nice walk through Marina Botafoch, the new part of the harbor of Ibiza Town.

Next to this beach there a nice boulevard besides the whole bay and you will find a lot of restaurants , bars, terraces and beachclubs next to it. It’s a long beach and very nice for children as well. Lot’s of space to play here for them.

Cala Martina

Cala Martina is almost located next to Es Canar. Here as well you’ll find different (authentic ) Spanish restaurants and bars and you are able to do a lot of water sports here. I would define it as a real family beach. It’s not “seen and to be seen” but enjoying a lovely day at the beach here, it’s relaxing that matters. It’s a very nice beach for children as well.

From this beach you can walk easily to the hippy market ” Punta Arabi” and you will find a camping here as well. You will enjoy a relaxed ambient here.

On the West side

Cala Comte

Beachclub sunset Ashram is located here, but you will find two more restaurants over here. One of them is S’Ila des Bosc. It’s on my favorite list. We took lovely lunches over here in front of the most beautiful view you can imagine. You don’t want to leave when you are sitting here, and besides that the menu is really good! I can recommend to look at the sunset here as well. It’s beautiful!! Bring your towel, a nice bottle of wine and some tapas with you and enjoy being together with the people you love in front of a beautiful sunset.

Cala Salada

The road that leads to this beach is already nice and fun. Little roads through the mountains, nice forrest and views on the way. You have to get down to get there and when we arrived at the beach we saw everyone climbing over the rocks to get to the beach. So we did that as well. I didn’t really like it and the moment that I was standing on top of those rocks I really thought ‘ once but never again’. I’m not that adventurous, haha. But ok after that climb you are at a very nice beach with the most lovely view in front of you. But I will tell you a secret; I did some research at the area, and there’s a little path behind the rocks at the forrest where you can take your way back. A lot easier and saver than climbing over the rocks. So who is adventurous takes the ” quick” climb over the rocks and otherwise you take the smart and save path behind it.

Cala Gracioneta

Such a cute little sweet bay in my opinion. Very romantic as well when you are there when the sunset starts. I will recommend this beach. It’s a bit above San Antonio. You have a lovely Chiringuitto over there and it’s very popular. So be on time if you want to spent your day here because it’s a small beach. But like I said, you are able to enjoy the sunset here as well. Together with your love, a glass of wine…enjoy the view!

Cala Garbo

Also this beach is on my favorite list. I love to come here! It’s located between San Josep and Cala Vedella. It’s a stone/sand beach and you will find sunbeds here. There’s two restaurants at this bay and we always start our day here at Balenareo with a nice cappuccino. Under their roof of cane watching the sea and enjoying your coffee, you can’t start your day in a better way. After that our beach day can begin and of course we will take lunch here. Because lunch here is very nice and they have a good menu and I will recommend their white sangria de cava. Make sure you have a reservation if you want to take lunch here because there’s lots of people who love this beach and a lot of locals come here as well to enjoy their lunch and beach day at this place. Another reason why I love to come here is the road that leads to this beach. Every time again I enjoy it so much, because when your about to come at the area of the beach, Es Verda will appear in front of you, a beautiful rock at sea. When you go down with the road to Cala Garbo it seems like you’ll see the rock going down at sea and I love to see that every time, over and over again.

Cala Gracio

Cala Gracio is located next to it’s baby sister Cala Gracioneta, but it’s bigger and there’s more space. It’s a nice family beach and children will love it as well. When you walk up on the beach there’s a little kiosk where you can find drinks and snacks. When we were there the employers were some ” older men”. If they are there all together every day, I can’t tell you, but it was touching. They were very friendly and well sympathized with each other. I loved looking at them working together. It had something special and you could see they loved doing it.

Cala Vedella

This beach is on my favorite list. It’s such a nice beach. You have a very nice view over the bay with all fisherman boats and at night as well a beautiful sunset. It’s little town is build up to the cliffs. You can come there from two sides and on both sides up the hills you will have a beautiful view over this bay. Take your photo moment. Along the beach you will find different restaurants, nice shops and bars. I have to mention Cana Sofia, you will find information about this restaurants at the restaurants I wrote down. Younger and older people will have a very nice day at this beach..

Cala d’Hort

You can’t stay away from this beach when your at Ibiza! From here you will have a beautiful view at Es Vedra and your able to enjoy it the complete day if your at this beach. So take your camera with you. There’s two restaurants here where you can have a drink or take lunch. Here as well you have to make a reservation if you want to be able to get a table. But for sure you will enjoy it very much! And wether your spiritual or not, everyone loves the beauty of Es Vedra and everybody feels the magic around it. More information about Es Vedra or the myth about it, your able to read at my highlights.

Es Torrent

A beach surrounded by beautiful cliffs. It’s a stone beach with a little piece of sand. It’s a very quiet beach. People really come here to relax and boost their energy from their busy life at home. So chilling and relaxing that’s what’s it about here. No sporty ballgames at the beach here and no party. I directly noticed the beautiful and very clear water here. This together with the view over the beautiful cliffs makes this beach a lovely beach to visit. There’s a good restaurant as well where they serve lovely fish plates when you like fish. They have traditional plates on their menu.

On the south side;

Platja des Cavallet

You will get here through Natural Parc Ses Salines. I have heard that you will find Flamingo’s here, so every time I hope to find them but until now without any luck. Playa des Cavallet is a beautiful long beach. You have different kind of beachclubs which are located here. We found the most lovely non alcoholic Mojito’s here. At the end of the Beachclub area there’s a nudist area.

Cala Jondal

At Cala Jondal you will find beachclubs Blue Marlin and Tropicana. If you like glitter and glamour than this is your place to enjoy it. If you like to spend money and live life to the max you will enjoy your beach day here. A lovely bay to look at, because you have something to see the whole day. The most beautiful yachts are stopping by here to enjoy the beach and party. Besides that the chance you will walk into somebody famous in here is very big. ( also read the information at the Beachclubs )

Platja de Ses Salines

A beautiful beach. Also this beach is at the area of the Natural Parc Ses Salines. It’s a long beach and the sand almost looks white with a tropical blue color of the sea next to it. Beautiful! Over here as well different kind of beachclubs where you can enjoy your beach day. Again a beautiful beach, almost like your at the Maldives. But no it’s Ibiza!

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