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Elements is located at Cala Benirras. You have a nice view from the restaurant on the beach, which on Sunday’s is a occasion at time of the sunset with the tradition of the drums. There’s a nice and relaxed ambient en the food is delicious. Besides that I always put attention at styling and decoration, and that’s a pleasure everywhere at Ibiza, as well on this location. You can take dinner here, but also have a nice lunch while your enjoying your beach day. They have all kind of plates on their menu.

Cala Benirras, s/n
07815 Ibiza
+34 971333136


The place and the view over here are adorable. This restaurant is on top of my favorite list. The view is breathtaking. At the evenings romantic in every way, dinning in front of the sea. But also lunch is very good here. I recommend everyone to visit this place when your at Ibiza and when you want a lovely evening out and dinning. They have a mediterranean kitchen, specialized in Spanish and Italian plates. As I wrote down at the beachclubs, your able to have a very nice day at the beach here as well. And at the mornings they give yoga classes in front of the beautiful sea view here, and after that they serve a good breakfast. I didn’t try this yet but it’s on my “to do” list. You can find Amante at Cala Longa in direction of Sol d’en Serra.

Cala Sol d’en Serra
Calle Afueras, s/n
07849 Cala Longa
+34 971196176

S’ Illa des Bosc

Also this restaurant is on my favorite list. You can have a very good lunch here with a great view at the beautiful sea. But at night it will be a great location as well with the sunset, because that’s beautiful here. Because what else do you want, at your table with a good glass of wine or for example the delicious white sangria with cava combined with a beautiful view. Holiday feeling at it’s best. This restaurant is specialist at fish, rice and paella. And believe me, it’s delicious. So I recommend to visit this place.

S’ Illa des Bosc
Carretera de cala Conta, s/n
07830 Sant Josep de sa Talaia
+34 971806161

Cana Sofia

Cana Sofia is located at Cala Vedella. While having dinner or lunch you have a nice view at the beach, and during lunch they have a nice kind of mist system of water, so with the extreme summer temperatures in high season it will give you a nice cooling breeze.

We love to combine our beach day with a nice lunch so that’s what we did here. It’s a recommendation, we had a really good lunch, and the staff is very friendly and give you all the attention you need.

Cana Sofia
Cala Vedella
C/Castelldefels 10
07830 Sant Josep de sa Talaia
+34 971808273


You will find this restaurant on the road from Eivissa to San Joseph. If you like a evening out in a modern way, this is a great location, and you will love it. You can enjoy a nice cocktail here, dance a bit, and there’s a vey nice shop like a lot of restaurants and luxery beachclubs have at Ibiza.

The food is very good. And you feel like your really on a nice evening out and get spoiled in very way.

I have been told that the restaurant is closed. ( I haven’t been there for a while ) For now I don’t have the information if that would definitely be the case or just temporary. Just to let you know, before standing there for closed doors.

Carretera de Sant Josep – Eivissa, KM 5,6
07830 Sant Josep de sa Talaia
+34 971396349

Casa Colonial

Casa Colonial is located on the road from Eivissa to Santa Eularia. You have to put some attention while driving, because you can’t see it from the road, it’s located up the hill surrounded by trees. It’s a lovely location, with a nice cocktail bar, and cosy little corners and a very nice garden. The food is good as well, so all together you can have a great evening here.

Casa Colonial
Aptdo de Correos 399
07840 Santa Eularia des Riu
+34 971338001

Bambuddha Grove

I can’t stay away from this restaurant while I’m staying at Ibiza.

Over here as well you are getting spoiled spending your evening here. They have a great menu, especially if you love asian food or curry’s. And then the deserts….keep space for them! Beside all the personal attention here ( let’s be honest, you don’t get that everwhere) the ambiance here is great. Different areas and a nice kind of garden or inner yard, and because of the decoration, style and ambient you get the feeling your at Bali instead of Ibiza. They know how to present themselves different in more ways than other restaurants, but I won’t tell everything of course, you have to find out yourself!

Bambuddha Grove
Carrer de Sant Joan, KM 8,5
07814 Santa Eularia de Riu
+34 971197510


Aubergine can be found on the road from Santa Gertrudis in direction of Sant Miguel.

It’s located next to the road, but when your settled there you won’t notice anymore.

It has a lovely garden, but inside it looks nice as well. Their menu is delicious and everything is biologic. They have their own vegetable garden as well. So when your exploring the island a day, then it’s great to take your lunch here, but dinning is possible too.

Carretera de San Miquel, KM 9,9
07815 Sant Miquel de Balansat
+34 971090055

The Giri Cafe

When we go in direction of the north, we always start our day with breakfast at The Giri Cafe. They have a very nice garden where you can sit relaxed, and we love to try all of their different breakfast plates. And after that we go to a beach in the area over there. Lunch and dinner are possible here to. It’s a place I would definitely recommend. Enjoy!

The Giri Cafe
Plaza España, 5
07810 San Juan
+34 971333474

Restaurante La Paloma

This restaurant is also one of my favorites!

When you drive up to the north, you will find the small village called Sant Llorenc de Balafia halfway the island. ( when you come from direction Ibiza Town ) Before you know it you’re already out again and you drive into the direction of Sant Joan de Labritja, so put attention.

It’s a very small village with white painted houses and farms. And here you will find Restaurante La Paloma as well. You feel welcome here straight away. You feel the love of the family who own the restaurant and they are still working here. Their thought of when they opened the restaurant years ago is recognizable in all details and the whole ambient here; Lovely fresh and homemade food and the wish that everyone here will feel happy. And that’s how it is! They are very friendly en you can taste it ‘s all made with love. The decoration inside the restaurant is very nice and the typical Ibiza Style, but is summer you will sit down in their beautiful garden.You have to make a reservation if you want to eat here, because the place is very well knowns at the island.

” Good vibes only” is the thought from this family and place, and I can say that’s really what you feel here! Enjoy!

Restaurante La Paloma
Career Can Pau 4
07812 Sant Llorenc de Balafia
+34 971325543

Restaurante Sa Capella

You can’t skip this restaurant when you are at Ibiza!

Sa Capella is located when you drive up from San Antonio in direction of Cala Salada, at the roundabout at Cap Negrat. Like the name is already mentioning it’s a little old church. And so beautiful!!! The walls are filled with bougainvillea, a beautiful plant with pink flowers. You’ll see them a lot at mediterranean countries. I love them. The church was build in the 16th century and is all romantic. This is the place where you want to go for a romantic evening!

You can sit outside at their terrace, but also inside the church, which is very charming. De staff are all dressed in white trousers ( ibiza style ), white shirts combined with a red scarf. This completes the whole picture, they think in details here, something you will see in the church as well.

The different corners in the church are transformed into lovely private little corners, which give you a feeling of private dinning. But they kept their authentic atmosphere. I am sure I will come back here more often.

Their menu is mediterranean with a lot of french influences. That’s also something that makes them different comparing to other restaurants. When you order the T-Bone steak you will get a stone grill on the table where you can prepare your own meat grilled on sea salt. It’s one of their recommended meals. But also their desserts deserve your attention because for example their crêpes suzette will be prepared at your table in the traditional way, and it’s delicious!!! And to make it all complete, finish your dinner with their lovely hierbas, a herbal liquor from Ibiza.

I think I made pretty clear you will find all ingredients here for a lovely evening.


Restaurante Sa Capella
Carretera de Santa Inés (kilometro 1.2)
07820 San Antonio
+34 971340057

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