About me

The Ibiza Vibes!

First of all, how nice you are visiting my webpage.

I love to share my Ibiza Vibes with you. I’m visiting Ibiza for a couple of years now a few times a year and I can’t get enough of it. Everyone who’s been there knows it; At Ibiza there’s a special kind of atmosphere, some kind of magic and I will call it “The Ibiza Vibe”.

Everyone is friendly on the island, happy and relaxed, and everything is possible, nothing is strange. A huge feeling of freedom.

I also felt this when I came to island the very first time, and I got addicted. I could not stay away from this island anymore. I HAVE to visit “my island”a few times a year.

If you know this feeling already, because you recognize it, then I think it’s nice to look at my webpage and maybe you will discover places you don’t even know yet, or you will get to know when you are going for your holidays. I love to show spots that aren’t that well known yet or where you can find the locals. And I love to show how beautiful the island is. Because it is! Of course you will also see the best known spots of the island.

I started at Instagram a few years ago with sharing my pictures of Ibiza. I got more and more followers and also more questions about Ibiza and where to go. So that’s where my idea of this webpage comes from.

Beside that i’ve been visiting Ibiza a few years already, I still love to discover new things and places at the island, so I will keep on sharing those through this page, at Instagram and Facebook.

Also I got a lot of questions about good accommodations, or good hotels to visit, that’s where my new passion started, to find the best places on the island, so I can offer them at this webpage. Take a look at the page ” holiday homes” and you might find the perfect accommodation to stay at the island.

Come with me and feel “The Ibiza Vibes”as well.

Regards Maureen

P.s. Any interest in collaboration or advertising at my page or social media, get informed by sending your email at maureen@ibiza-love.nl