Ibiza-Love highlights

Puertas Can Soleil

Two doors in the middle of a field…..

That’s what it is….and every time I kept walking into them on pictures at social media.

I wanted to see those doors myself as well. It’s the kind of doors you see a lot at Ibiza. And I love them!!!!

So we went for a trip to Can Soleil. Can Soleil is owned by Guy Laliberté, the founder of Cirque du Soleil. He lives right next to the piece of land where you can find the doors. It’s a gift from him to the people of Ibiza.

Very special to see two doors in the middle of nature. But oh so nice and so Ibiza!!

You are able to make wonderful photos here and you can see Es Vedra from here as well. So get all your creativity out of the closet and shoot.

If you walk in direction of the sea and Es Vedra, you will find another surprise waiting for you!




How to get there?

It’s not hard to find; when you drive in direction of Cala Compte, you will see road to the left with a stone with the name “ Can Soleil”. Drive into this road and follow it until you reach a branch, there are a couple of houses here, and then turn to the right and follow the metaled road until it’s getting more sandy and you can’t go any further. Park your car over there and walk in direction of the sea and then you will see the doors appear.