Rental Villa at Ibiza

Rental villa at Ibiza

Why rent a villa at Ibiza? Do you want to enjoy your holiday till the max in a luxury  and peaceful environment? Just away from your daily routines at home? Do you want to stay close to the beach and be able to enjoy a beautiful seaview from your terrace? Just 25 minutes from the airport and with Ibiza Town just 20 minutes distance? Than this is the perfect rental villa for you! You can book a luxury suite or book the complete villa.

Relaxation at Ibiza

This villa is the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful sunset in the evening, just from your  comfortable lazy chair at the terrace.You can book a luxury suite with breakfast, and relax till the max, by taking a swim at one of the two swimming pools, or by just reading a book at one of the cosy terrace corners. Do a little bit of sunbathing, or take a walk at the beautiful forrest around the house. And at just 10 minutes walk you will find one of the most beautiful beaches from Ibiza. So enough reasons to rent this villa

The environment from the villa

Are you a active person and do you want to explore the island? In just than a wink of an eye  you’re back into the world, because Ibiza Town is just 20 minutes by car. And San Antonio is only 10 minutes by car. And close to the villa you will find many beautiful beaches.




Book a suite

Like I already mentioned you’re able to book a luxury suite including breakfast. There are four different two person suites, all with their own bathroom ( en- suite ), with rain shower and a hair blower.

Every suite has;

*a safe *towels * sheets *bathtowels and bathrobes

There are different outdoor terraces with a beautiful sea view, and luxury rooms inside where your able to relax.

The complete villa has a wifi connection and airconditioning.

Rent the complete villa

You can rent the complete villa as well. For example for you and your family.

But you can also rent the villa together with friends. or your colleagues, or with the people of your biking club, cooking club or yoga club. The maximum number of people you will be able to make a reservation for is 10 persons. When you wish there’s availability to fill in a complete personalized week for you and your friends. You can book beauty treatments for example, but also yoga sessions, or take sport sessions with a personal trainer or having a detox week. Everything is possible. As well as there’s the possibility the get a VIP table at one of the best known restaurants or hotspots at Ibiza.

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